Painters Balgowlah

For over 30 years, CL Painters has transformed homes, offices and buildings in Northern Beaches and across Sydney with meticulous care and a passion for lasting results. Our team boasts an unwavering attention to detail, evident in every brushstroke. This dedication to craftsmanship elevates us beyond simply painting walls – we breathe new life into your space, ensuring it reflects your vision and endures the test of time. 

Professional Painting Services in Balgowlah

At CL Painters, our 30+ years of industry experience encompass a vast array of projects. From creating brand-new structures to meticulously restoring heritage buildings, our profound expertise enables us to approach each project with the professional know-how it warrants. We recognise that every project type comes with its own set of challenges and considerations and our dedication to understanding these facets allows us to provide exceptional outcomes that honour the historical significance and distinct character of your property. 

A Dedication to Quality & Durability That Goes Beyond the Surface

We are committed to excellence, using only premium paints that withstand Australia’s harsh climate. Our 5-year workmanship warranty reflects this commitment – a testament to the quality and longevity we deliver in every project. But our dedication to quality goes beyond the paint itself. We take meticulous care in every step of the process, ensuring a flawless and long-lasting finish: 

Detailed Site Preparation: We meticulously prepare surfaces, addressing any imperfections or potential issues that could compromise the final outcome. This meticulous groundwork ensures the paint adheres perfectly, creating a smooth, even canvas for flawless results. 

Careful Paint Selection: Transcending mere colour selection, our seasoned painters take a comprehensive approach. We meticulously consider factors such as durability, finish and compatibility with the surface (e.g. metallic, wood). This ensures that the chosen paint not only aligns with your aesthetic vision but also provides enduring protection for your property. 

Precise Application: Our skilled painters are true craftsmen, applying paint with meticulous attention to detail. We utilise precision techniques to achieve clean lines, crisp edges and a uniform finish that elevates the aesthetics of your space. 

Rigorous Quality Inspections: We conduct thorough inspections throughout the project and upon completion. Our team has a zero-tolerance policy for imperfections, ensuring every detail meets our high standards and your expectations. 

More Than Just Painters, We Are Craftsmen Who Care 

CL Painters is more than just a painting company – we are a team of passionate craftsmen dedicated to transforming spaces with exceptional quality that endures. When you choose CL Painters, you’re not just getting a paint job, you’re investing in the lasting beauty and value of your property. We take immense pride in our work and treat every project with the same meticulous attention to detail, regardless of size or scope. Let us transform your vision into a reality that will stand the test of time. 


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Looking for professional Balmain based for your residential painting project? Our flexible and friendly team will help you achieve the results you expect through our comprehensive painting services. Our painters are time-efficient and will also make sure that your project meets health codes while achieving the best quality professional finishes. Call 0424 089 747 to get in touch with the experts or fill in our contact form. One of our professionals will get back to you shortly to book an appointment.

With hundreds of reviews for our house painting services, we have an average rating of 5-stars which is a reflection of our superior attention to detail. Find painters near me with our Balmain, New South Wales based team. Request a free quotation or inspection in the Sydney Harbour facing suburb of Balmain.

Why Choose Colour Life?


Our painters work fast without comprising on quality or attention to detail. Not only do they get the job done right the first time, they’ll clean up afterwards so you can get back into the building sooner.

The Right Tools

Once we reach an agreement on the detailed scope of the paint job, our painters Sydney will get to work, equipped with the latest in painting technology. It’s part of how we can guarantee quality work every single time, on time and to budget.

The Best Finishes

Painting is only half the battle. Our painters understand how to prepare a surface and which paints will work best in any given situation. This way we can ensure the best possible results, with no compromise on durability or quality.

Fully Licensed Professionals

With 30+ years of experience, Dulux Accredited services, and as proud members of Master Painters of Australia, we’re verified painting professionals. All our painters are licensed, and every job is fully insured and comes with a 5-year workmanship warranty.