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Introducing CL Painters – the foremost choice among commercial painting companies in Sydney. Whether you’re embarking on painting a brand-new commercial space in  Sydney or rejuvenating a historic building in Bondi, our Sydney commercial painters will deliver exemplary results, guaranteed. Request a free quote from us today.

Why choose CL Painters for
commercial painting in Sydney?

Opting for CL Painters means collaborating with a team of professional commercial painting contractors in Sydney who are steadfastly committed to delivering exceptional commercial painting work across all commercial projects. Our painting process is adaptable for diverse commercial project spaces ranging from retail outlets to office interiors, and comprehensive exterior paint tasks. Our painters’ commercial painting expertise is coupled with an assurance of cost-effective solutions, unparalleled finishes, and customer service that surpasses all expectations – the signature promise of CL.


We at CL Painters recognise that commercial painting services for offices and commercial clients must be performed promptly, minimising disruption to your operations. Our professional painters work efficiently, enabling your business to return to regular functioning as soon as feasible.

Top-Quality Tools

CL Painters employs only the highest-grade tools, products, and painters for all commercial and industrial painting jobs in Sydney, ensuring that we can vouch for the quality of our work for your business.

Optimal Finishes

Years of honing our skills and hands on experience in discerning the most effective paints for various surfaces have culminated in our unrivaled expertise in professional painting services for the commercial painting services Sydney industry.

Fully Licensed Professionals

As the leading commercial painting company and experienced commercial painting contractors here, our team of Sydney painters are dedicated to leaving your business or commercial space looking its absolute best. Our painters are fully licensed, insured, and ready to paint.

Customised Sydney Commercial Painting Services

Different commercial properties, like hotels, office spaces, commercial buildings, or industrial warehouses, entail unique requirements, timeframes, and budgets. Our Sydney commercial painters will collaborate closely with you, tailoring our services to meet all your stipulations and ensuring seamless execution of each commercial painting project.
Whether it’s the exterior of commercial premises or your own office space that serves as your business’s initial impression, or your interior paintwork and colour palette impacting your daily working environment, the right backdrop is essential. With CL Painters customer-centric approach combined with our experienced commercial painting team, we have the resources to undertake any commercial painting project in Sydney, large or small. We pledge to provide all commercial painting services with a high degree of efficiency and meticulous attention to detail.

Interior & Exterior Commercial Painting

As professional Sydney painters, we offer both interior painting and exterior painting services for commercial properties. Understanding the significance of first impressions, we’ll ensure your business leaves a positive one with a fresh paint to get the job done.
In addition to our commercial painting services in Sydney, we also specialize in strata and commercial painting projects, rendering services, and the treatment of mould and mildew in businesses. Our repertoire also includes high-pressure washing and general repair and maintenance work. Discuss your commercial painting needs with our team, and we’ll assist you in selecting the right service.

Our Service Process

We provide our clients with a comprehensive painting service, overseeing the project management entire process from inception to completion. While each project is unique, we adhere to a sequence of steps that enable us to deliver the best possible results.

Step 1


Our experienced commercial and residential painting contractors conduct a thorough building inspection before commencing work to outline the project scope and identify potential issues. The inspection will yield a detailed report of our findings, the areas included in the project, expected results and any major restorations required.

Step 1

Surface Preparation

Before painting the finished product, we prepare the surface to eliminate imperfections and prime the area for paint. This stage commercial paint job includes patching any holes and pressure washing the area.


Paint Application

Our experienced painters will arrive equipped with the latest technology tools and high-quality paints to ensure your project’s efficient, timely, and cost-effective completion. You can rest assured that the quality control the paint application will be
carried out at the highest quality standard, enhancing your commercial property with exceptional finishes.



Upon the conclusion of your commercial painting project, our painters also offer ongoing care and maintenance services. This way, we can ensure that our commercial painter and paintwork continues to look impressive long after the commercial painter project’s completion.

Don’t hesitate to revamp your living space. As time moves on, the more you delay, the more you’ll miss out on the joy of dwelling in a magnificently painted home. Take the leap today, and you’ll soon witness the extraordinary transformation our residential and exterior painting services can deliver.

CL Painters is a fully licensed and insured entity, committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and safety. Our team comprises seasoned house painters in Sydney, who prioritize your comfort and satisfaction throughout the entire painting process. With CL Painters, rest assured that your home is in expert and capable hands.



Absolutely, our crew will furnish all the paint, painting tools, and any necessary safety equipment to ensure the task is completed punctually. We can follow your existing plans or offer recommendations based on paints we’ve previously used in various projects. We manage the entire operation from start to end, allowing you to concentrate on other vital tasks. If you’re seeking inspiration, our portfolio can offer plenty of ideas. We can even direct you to accomplished projects in your vicinity so you can observe the paint’s endurance over weeks, months, or years post-completion.

Indeed, we do!

No one appreciates an untidy workman, and our commercial painting contractors are no exception. The Colour Life team will ensure your office or shop is left in a clean and orderly state. We will either use your on-site bins for rubbish disposal or take it with us upon departure. If your project involves removing hazardous paint or other toxic substances such as lead or asbestos paint, we will collect, label, and dispose of the waste in line with local regulations. We will inform you of any additional costs for hazardous waste disposal before commencing your commercial project.

There’s no necessity for you to be on-site while we undertake your project. Though some of our clients prefer to observe the progress, it’s not obligatory for you to be present during a commercial paint job. Our commercial painters in Sydney are fully equipped to manage any challenges your project might present!

You will have a project supervisor as your main contact throughout the project. They will keep you updated throughout the painting process to ensure you are informed. If any unforeseen issues arise or things don’t proceed as planned, our painters will inform you promptly.

To deliver the top commercial painting services, we stand by our work. We have a demonstrated record of achieving remarkable results. All projects come with our 5-year workmanship warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

In the rare event that we need to revisit for any rectifications, we always prioritise warranty work to ensure your satisfaction and minimise disruption to your day. With competitive prices and top-notch service, you can be assured that you’re working with the best.

For indoor painting and commercial interior painting services in Sydney, a rainy day won’t disrupt the schedule.

However, exterior commercial painting is a different scenario. Sydney is typically sunny, hence we seldom have to postpone or delay work due to poor weather (unlike our Melbourne counterparts!). Delays are unlikely, but if rain is forecast during our work schedule, we will reschedule to the next most suitable time.

We deliver professional painting services across the Greater Sydney Region. Depending on your project’s size and nature, we might travel slightly further to meet your needs and complete your project. Typically, we cover a 20-kilometre radius around the Sydney CBD. If your project is outside this radius, please reach out to us today to discuss whether we can accommodate you.