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At CL Painters, our dedication extends far beyond standard painting services. We go above and beyond to deliver lasting beauty and unmatched quality that will endure in your treasured spaces. Our commitment to superior craftsmanship is backed by a solid 5-year workmanship warranty.

Our meticulously applied coatings are designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions, ensuring they remain free from flaking, blistering or peeling. Trust CL Painters to transform your spaces with the beauty and durability they deserve.

Professional painting services in Ryde 

Whether your objective is to breathe new life into an existing structure or embark on the creation of a brand-new one, our team of seasoned experts is impeccably equipped to undertake both interior and exterior painting projects with precision and finesse.  

Our commitment goes beyond delivering exceptional quality; it extends to ensuring that each project is executed efficiently, adhering to both the prescribed timeline and budget constraints. 

Why entrust CL painters for your projects 

Ryders and our discerning clients across Northern Sydney consistently opt for our services for an array of compelling reasons that underscore our dedication to craftsmanship and long-lasting results: 

Dulux Accredited Painters: Our coveted accreditation by Dulux serves as a hallmark of our integrity, reliability and utmost respect for our clients, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service. 

Use of Premium Quality Products: We firmly believe in the exclusive use of the finest materials, safeguarding not only the longevity but also the aesthetic appeal of the results we provide. 

Proud Members of Master Painters of Australia: Our membership with this esteemed organisation serves as a resounding testament to our steadfast pursuit of excellence within the painting industry. 

Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured: Our comprehensive credentials provide our clients with peace of mind and unwavering reliability, assuring them that every project we undertake will be executed with the utmost professionalism. 

Over 30 Years of Experience: Our extensive three-decade-long journey of transforming spaces across Sydney speaks volumes about our expertise, dedication and the trust that our clients have consistently placed in us. 

Efficiency Combined with Excellence: We take immense pride in our ability to work swiftly without ever compromising on the unparalleled quality of the end result, ensuring that each project is completed with finesse. 

Our meticulously applied coatings are designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions, ensuring they remain free from flaking, blistering or peeling. Trust CL Painters to transform your spaces with the beauty and durability they deserve.

The essence of expertise in painting 

Our approach to painting, whether it’s residential, strata or commercial spaces, transcends the mere application of paint; it is a comprehensive process that includes: 

Detailed Surface Inspection: Prior to commencing any project, we diligently inspect the surfaces, gaining a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each task. 

Meticulous Preparation: Proper site and surface preparation are paramount to achieving the best possible outcome, ensuring that the foundation is as flawless as the final coat. 

Paint and Surface Compatibility: We possess the expertise to expertly match the type of paint with the surface, a crucial step for achieving optimal and long-lasting results. 

Efficient and Precise Application: Our skilled team ensures that the paint is applied efficiently and with unmatched precision, leaving no room for imperfections. 

Ongoing and Final Quality Inspections: We conduct regular inspections throughout the project’s duration and post-completion, upholding the highest standards of quality from inception to conclusion. 

At CL Painters, we acknowledge that the true essence of exceptional painting lies in the meticulous preparation and skilful application that transpire behind the scenes. Our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and expertise shines through in every project we undertake.  

This unwavering commitment to excellence serves as a transformative force for our residential and commercial clients alike, breathing fresh life into their spaces and rendering them as refreshed, modern and professional environments. If you’re in search of a team that guarantees quality, efficiency and extraordinary results, CL Painters is unequivocally your premier choice. 


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All our paint projects are completed on time without impacting your privacy. Experience excellent service quality at a great price! Even better, our work is covered by a 5-year workmanship warranty. It’s our way of showing how much confidence we have in our service. Get in touch with our house painters to get a quote or discuss your requirements.

Why Choose Colour Life?


Our painters work fast without comprising on quality or attention to detail. Not only do they get the job done right the first time, they’ll clean up afterwards so you can get back into the building sooner.

The Right Tools

Once we reach an agreement on the detailed scope of the paint job, our painters Sydney will get to work, equipped with the latest in painting technology. It’s part of how we can guarantee quality work every single time, on time and to budget.

The Best Finishes

Painting is only half the battle. Our painters understand how to prepare a surface and which paints will work best in any given situation. This way we can ensure the best possible results, with no compromise on durability or quality.

Fully Licensed Professionals

With 30+ years of experience, Dulux Accredited services, and as proud members of Master Painters of Australia, we’re verified painting professionals. All our painters are licensed, and every job is fully insured and comes with a 5-year workmanship warranty.