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Elevating the appearance of your cherished home or building with a fresh, rejuvenating look or adding that impeccable finishing touch demands an unwavering commitment to expertise and a keen eye for detail – attributes that CL Painters wholeheartedly embodies.  

Our dedicated team is laser-focused on delivering high-quality painting services, underpinned by an unshakable 5-year workmanship warranty. This guarantee serves as an ironclad assurance that the interior or exterior paint we meticulously apply will not only endure but thrive amidst Australia’s formidable weather conditions for at least 5 years, steadfastly maintaining its structural integrity and aesthetic allure. 

Professional painting services in Strathfield and Inner West 

Under the banner of CL Painters, we have etched our mark as the preeminent choice for an extensive spectrum of painting services that epitomise excellence and precision: 

Versatile Painting Solutions: Our mastery extends to both interior and exterior painting, assuring that we cater to a myriad of discerning needs and aspirations. 

Diverse Clientele: Our expansive expertise spans across residential (including country-style estates, multi-million dollar mansions and high-rise apartments), strata and commercial painting projects (whether you’re at or near the Strathfield Plaza), ensuring that we meticulously tailor our services to meet the unique demands of each client. 

Rendering Painting: We proudly offer rendering services that inject texture and depth into your walls, adding an extra layer of character and charm. 

Comprehensive professional services beyond painting 

Our professional services transcend the conventional boundaries of painting, encompassing an array of specialised solutions designed to elevate and safeguard your spaces: 

Epoxy Coating: Imposing durability and resilience upon your surfaces for long-lasting finishes that defy wear and tear. 

Anti-Graffiti Solutions: Shielding your walls from the unsightly defacement of graffiti, preserving their pristine appearance. 

Spray Painting: Ensuring a flawless, uniform application that exudes a sense of seamless perfection. 

Lead Paint Testing and Removal: A steadfast commitment to safety and compliance, safeguarding the well-being of your space. 

Warehouse Painting: Tailored solutions that cater to the unique demands of expansive and capacious spaces. 

Plastering: Preparing surfaces with meticulous care and precision, laying the foundation for the perfect paint job. 

Industrial Painting: Tackling formidable and large-scale projects with the tenacity and expertise that they demand. 

Office Fitouts: Customised painting services that harmonise seamlessly with the aesthetics and functionality of your office spaces. 

Apartment Painting: Tailored solutions finely tuned to the distinct requirements of apartment units, ensuring both efficiency and excellence. 

Heritage Painting: Preserving and enhancing the historical and architectural treasures of our past, breathing new life into their storied narratives. 

Why choose CL Painters 

Clients throughout Inner West and beyond unanimously gravitate towards CL Painters for a multitude of compelling reasons that underscore our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, quality and long-lasting results: 

Experience and Expertise: With a rich history spanning over 30 years within the industry, our invaluable experience stands as a testament to our competence and dedication. 

Licensing and Accreditation: We are fully licensed, bonded, insured and Dulux Accredited, affording our clients unparalleled peace of mind and confidence in our abilities. 

Timely and Budget-Friendly Services: Our steadfast dedication to completing projects within the stipulated timeframes and budget constraints remains unwavering, a promise we keep without fail. 

Membership with Master Painters of Australia: This prestigious affiliation reinforces our unyielding commitment to adhering to the highest industry standards and consistently delivering top-notch quality. 

For those in pursuit of exemplary interior or exterior painting services that will breathe new life into their home or building, CL Painters stands as the trusted team that exemplifies quality and durability. Do not hesitate to reach out to us today for a complimentary quote and experience firsthand the profound difference that working with a team committed to excellence in every brushstroke can make. 


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Our painters work fast without comprising on quality or attention to detail. Not only do they get the job done right the first time, they’ll clean up afterwards so you can get back into the building sooner.

The Right Tools

Once we reach an agreement on the detailed scope of the paint job, our painters Sydney will get to work, equipped with the latest in painting technology. It’s part of how we can guarantee quality work every single time, on time and to budget.

The Best Finishes

Painting is only half the battle. Our painters understand how to prepare a surface and which paints will work best in any given situation. This way we can ensure the best possible results, with no compromise on durability or quality.

Fully Licensed Professionals

With 30+ years of experience, Dulux Accredited services, and as proud members of Master Painters of Australia, we’re verified painting professionals. All our painters are licensed, and every job is fully insured and comes with a 5-year workmanship warranty.